Gait analysis service

Gait analysis is a way of helping us determine which shoe is best for you. To start the gait analysis process with you, we will talk to you about your current running, any future aspirations with running and any previous injuries that may affect the way you run. Suitable for adults and children.

How’s gait analysis done?

To begin with, we will put you in a neutral shoe and get you running on our treadmill for around 20-30 seconds. This will allow us to look at how you are landing, where you are landing and for any misalignments biomechanically within the ankles or knees.

Once we have finished recording your running, we can show you a frame by frame replay. By looking at how you run, and taking into consideration your running goals and any previous injuries, we can understand what type of shoe will suit you best.

We will then use the gait test to ensure we find the running shoe that works best for you. Comfort is key, as well as support, depending on the mileage you plan to run. Depending on your running style, stability elements in a shoe may help control the movement inwards at the ankles.

We have a wide variety of running shoes, from minimal racing shoes to super supportive cushioned shoes. So there is something for everybody, regardless of your running style. We also ensure we have a wide range of brands for you to choose from. We also stock racing shoes with carbon/plastic plates. We have the best brands and have a wide range of running shoes which include Hoka, Asics, Brooks, Saucony, New Balance and Nike.

The whole process takes about 15 minutes and will require you to run at a steady pace for around one minute. Our treadmill is unique as it mimics the tarmac road.

Gait Analysis is a free service when purchasing running shoes.

Understanding pronation – overpronation and neutral gait

Pronation refers to the way in which your foot rolls inwards as it strikes the floor. It’s your body’s way of distributing impact, and a natural part of the gait cycle. Understanding your pronation type is important for selecting the right type of running shoe and ultimately could help you to avoid injury.


Around 70% of the population overpronate, so this is by far the most common pronation type amongst runners. As the foot is planted it rolls inward excessively, transferring weight to the inner edge instead of centering it on the ball of the foot. It’s usually seen in runners with low arches or flat feet.


Neutral pronation occurs when the foot lands on the outer edge and then rolls inward in a controlled manner, distributing weight evenly and helping to absorb shock. On push off, there is an even distribution of pressure from the front of the foot.

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We also offer re-gripping of cricket bats and rackets, specialist orders such as team kits and larger shoe sizes, a small range of home gym equipment eg basketball and netball posts and weights.

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